Karen's Journey

In 2016, I endured a very emotional loss in the family that struck a chord in me. A chord most people feel after losing someone so close to you; I wanted to live. I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle and put my best effort forward. It was hard at times, for sure, but through the hard work, I was able to lose 150 pounds and gain a bit more clarity.

At almost 300lbs - battling depression and anxiety - I got a gym membership and started channeling all of my emotional and physical chaos into healing and becoming a stronger version of myself. I started replacing my bad habits with healthy ones. Being a stress eater, I can tell you it was difficult to force myself to make better choices. Eventually, though, it did become easier. I started gradually losing more weight. Then, as soon as I switched to weight training instead of cardio, everything changed. I started losing more weight, at a faster pace than before. As I got stronger, and thinner, I began to feel alive again. I had more energy and passion to achieve each goal I set for myself. I know that my mom would have been so proud to see me finally focus on making myself stronger both mentally and physically. It was through losing her that I started this journey and because of her that I realized that I wanted to help others. So, I became a Certified Personal Trainer.

I want to help people who struggle with weight. I want to give them hope and help them by equipping them and pushing them toward their goals. My happiness comes now, not just from what I was able to do for myself, but for the knowledge that I can help people achieve their goals. To guide them through a difficult journey and support them, even if they think they have no one at their side.

I lost 150lbs and I have kept it off for over 2 years. I battled with my depression and my anxiety to be where I am today and if I can do it, anyone can. It just takes that final push. Finally letting yourself believe you can.

Give me the opportunity to get you started. Email or call me for more info on pricing and package deals with Through Thick or Thin Fitness, set at Hardcore Gym in Spokane, WA.

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About Through Thick or Thin

Out of a passion for fitness and a drive to help others achieve their true potential, Karen founded Through Thick or Thin LLC in 2021 aspiring to develop into a one-stop-shop for your training and nutrition needs. Through Thick or Thin Fitness + Nutrition offers personal fitness training and nutrition planning + meal prep, while Fresh Today Catering + Bakery offers full-service catering, a weekly rotating menu of family meal deals and a-la-carte items, and seasonal meal packs.

Pairing her personal training alongside meal prep and planning, Karen and her husband Tracy proudly create and deliver delicious meals and other food items. From bacon mac-n-cheese or twice-baked potatoes, to protein donuts, smoothie packs, and dietary restrictive meals, they are bringing their services to both individuals and families throughout the Spokane area.